TDIA: I imagine you have all been wondering what I have been building down in the basement this last while.  Well, it’s not quite ready yet and the weird quantum uncertainty thing with Pope and Marconi set me back a bit but I can tell you that…


The Apostate Reader: …Can you believe this stuff?  I mean seriously, can you believe this stuff.  Indulgences!  Schismatic Bishops repackaged!  I’ve had enough! I am going to…


TDIA: …and you are?


The Apostate Reader: The Apostate Reader.  Can’t you read?


TDIA: I see that but I still have no idea what you are doing in my kitchen.


The Apostate Reader: Isn’t this the blog with all the stuff about the Pope and Berlusconi and stuff.


TDIA: That’s ALEXANDER Pope the dead poet and the fascists here like Rafaella Marconi are mostly quantum chimera.


The Apostate Reader: I don’t care!  I just want to say that I have had enough and I want to say out loud in your kitchen before your numberless readers that I hereby renounce all my long-dead ties to the Vatican.  I am no longer a Catholic.  So there!


TDIA: I can’t be sure but I think you have to get excommunicated for that.


The Apostate Reader:  Well fine!  How do I do that?


TDIA: What do I look like?  A canon lawyer?


The Apostate Reader: Well what do I do?


TDIA: There’s a very big internet out there and you clearly have a lot of time on your hands.


The Apostate Reader: That’s it!  The internet!  I’ll fill out a webform and I’ll be done.  [Exit Web Left]


TDIA:  Keep us posted on how you fare.  I am sure you will have no problem.  [Chuckles knowingly]