The Concerned Reader: Hello?  Anyone home?  I brought someone to meet you.


[Noises heard from the basement.  The Definitive Indefinite Article comes us the stairs wearing a sawdust-covered overcoat of dubious quality over underpants of surpassing dubiousness.]


TDIA: What do you want and who is that?


The Concerned Reader: We haven’t heard from you in a while.  We were getting worried.


TDIA: We?  There are more of you or just you two?  [Aside. Winks to balcony] Getting known?


The Concerned Reader: Let me introduce the Outraged Reader.


TDIA: Oh Jaysus, that’s all I need, an Outraged Reader.  Wait!  I remember you!  You got all outraged at us about trucks we didn’t have.  


The Outraged Reader: Nice to finally meet you.


TDIA: So what do you two want.  I’m very busy. 


The Outraged Reader: Well, we noticed that you have laid off some of the issues of the day and…


TDIA: You want to have a go?  Have at it.  I have a band saw to fix. [Stomps down basement stairs muttering to self.]


The Concerned Reader: it’s all yours.  I’m going to put the kettle on.


The Outraged Reader: NATIONALIZE THE BASTARD BANKS!  Because they are “too big to fail” don’t give them money to buy more banks so that they can become even bigger than too big to fail.  That’s just stupid.  And join the fucking dots people!  The reason someone can get paid a hundred million is precisely because hundreds of thousands are getting paid fuck all!  Lots of people getting paid a pittance for work is the wealth engine that drives wealth up to the wealthy.  There is no magic.  For some to be obscenely rich there must be many who are getting screwed.  Join the fucking dots!


The Concerned Reader: That’s enough!  And you didn’t say “spandex bikini.” I promised him you would say “spandex bikini.”


TDIA: [Off]  Get out of my house, the pair of ye before I sick the dog on you!