The Concerned Reader: Hello?  Anyone home?


TDIA: Don’t you ever knock?


The Concerned Reader: Oh you’re here?  I dropped in the other day and you were in the shed.  I met your intern.


TDIA: Oh yeah, the Flustered One.  She’s attending some new media workshop this afternoon.


The Concerned Reader: [Pointing at mess on draining board] Is this your bank?


TDIA: Yeah.  It’s almost finished but some of the credit cards keep falling off.  Now all I need is a name and I can submit it and see if I can get bailout Bill to shovel some money at me because he thinks what I am doing is senseless.  That seems to be how it works.


The Concerned Reader: Maybe you could nail the credit cards onto that bit of spandex bikini there.  So?  Names?


TDIA: Abscond Witchur Savings?


The Concerned Reader: Sounds a but like Made Off With Your Money.  Mind you a lot of people gave their money to someone whose name sounded like “Made Off” so you could be onto something.  Any other ideas?


TDIA:: Hound of Hell Holdings? 


The Concerned Reader: That too has a familiar ring.  Wasn’t there a Baskerville bank, or a Pit Bull Investments or something like that?  Oh, now I remember.  Cerberus!  Yeah, don’t know that anyone would want to hand over their money to an entity named after the guardian of Hades but then maybe they don’t know.  Like the way they keep naming huge SUVs after near-extinct animals and National Parks.  But what do I know about naming banks?


TDIA: Quite.


The Concerned Reader: Anyway I have to go I’m double-parked.


TDIA: And you are driving a…?


The Concerned Reader: The new Pristine Wilderness Snow Leopard, 8 mpg city, 10 highway.  It has eighteen speakers!


TDIA: Double-digit mileage?  I never knew you were such a tree-hugging hippy.