As the solstice approaches, many turn their thoughts to shopping and presents.  Others turn their thought towards shameless self-promotion.


Soon Chapter the Fifth of Tearing Down Werburgh Street will be available here.  Pointing your friends and family at The Definitive Indefinite Article – The cheapest gift you can give.


Here are some of the pre-release reviews of Chapter 5:  


“A coruscating cascade of cacophonous calumny!” – Bishop of Croke and Bargy


“A bilious barrage of bewilderingly barbarous banality.” – Bishop of Dervish and Thomond


“A willfully wayward waste of webspace.” – Fr. Desmond Doldrum


“A tremendously tiresome tirade of titillating truthlessness” – Sr. Venedicta of the Dismal Shroud


“A fatuous farrago of frightful flippancy.”   Monsignor Bartholomew Hegarty  


“A horribly heinous heaping of high-handed hauteur.”  – Terence McLoghilogher, President of Family Unity Values Coalition Against Spandex Bikinis


“An abysmally arbitrary assemblage of arrant anecdote.”   – Br. Septimus Flail


Una desgracia y un disgusto decadente.” Cardenal Mendoza


All of the above, TDIA can only characterize as the the tentendious twittering of tiresome thesaurus-thumbing theists.