The Concerned Reader: So, what’t the story?


TDIA: You still have a key?  Give me that back!  I can’t have you sneaking in like that.  In future, you knock at the kitchen window like everybody else.


The Concerned Reader: So, what’s the story?  This Institute for the Advancement of Regression.  What is that all about?


TDIA: It’s another facet of the multi-faceted Definitive Indefinite Article multiverse.  We’re going to call it iFAR if we don’t get sued.  


The Concerned Reader: You didn’t really think about that first sentence before you said it, did you?


TDIA: Not much.


The Concerned Reader: So what is with all this bleak future scenario stuff?  You’re making the punters nervous.  Have you seen the comments?


TDIA: No.  That’s what TDIA interns are for.


The Concerned Reader: Well, you should hear them: Ledwithzeppelin said “Got up on the wrong side of the fascist media superstate today, did we? Man, where’s yer blind faith in Obama making it all ok?”

Nick said: “I’m guessing this one has been mulling around in the writer’s head for some time.”

Are you losing it?  I thought you were going to do and public offering of TDIA stock?


TDIA: I’ve just been busy with other stuff and, if you must know, some of the interns have been running things.  


The Concerned Reader: Well that has to stop.  What stuff have you been busy with?


TDIA: Some consulting on rebranding and repositioning for the Financial Industry.


The Concerned Reader: Oh yeah?  What have you come up with?



The Concerned Reader: They paid you for that?


TDIA: The check is, as they say, in the mail.


The Concerned Reader:  Good luck with that.  Here’s your key.