I have been keeping a low profile recently, recovering from the stresses of abduction and detention at the hands of the Department of Untold Conformity and then as soon as I was released a boom in the book handling and dog-earing trade brought about by Bailout Bill and The Derivative Kid, the Fastest Fix in the West.  .  But I have to share this before our readership takes itself out to exercise its franchise..


There I was, standing on the corner of Wall Street and Pearl Street waiting for a sandwich (a long story – for another day) when behind me there was a sudden ripple in the fabric of things.  An anonymous source at the Indefinite Particle particle accelerator informs me that a copy of The Wall Street Clarion, two crud-encrusted pennies and some parrot droppings fell into an interstitial singularity flux when a mini black hole was created during routine cleaning.


The result in this dimension was that I turned round to see a weird flash and a Quantum Contrapositive Doppelganger of Non-Phil Gramm and Quantum Celebrity Fascist Rafaella Marconi in a spandex bikini materialize and begin yelling and throwing goat excrement at the passing Wall Street Moguls:


“You are a disgrace.  You are nothing but an industry of whiners!  Look at you!  Running to the Nanny State looking for handouts!  Private profits and socialized risk!  Help!  Help!  Bailout Bill, come save me from my own runaway greed and incompetence!  You make me want to puke!  Too big to fail?  Maybe you’re just too damn big, end of story!”


No Quantum Doppelgangers here!

No Quantum Doppelgangers here!

This was followed by a brief Implausibility Matrix Readjustment during which I had the chance to take this photo.  Quantum Doppelgangers never show up on digital media.  You can see the complete absence of anything out of the ordinary, classic proof of Quantum Chimera.  There was another weird flash and Non-Phil and Rafaella went back to wherever they came from leaving goat crap and puzzlement behind them.