The Concerned Reader: Anyone home?


TDIA: I’m under the stairs.


The Concerned Reader: What are you doing in there?


TDIA: Looking for masking tape.  How did you get in?


The Concerned Reader: You left the door open.




The Concerned Reader: We were worried because you’ve been so quiet since you came back.


TDIA: Oh I’ve just been really busy with the book handling.  I had to hire a whole team of temps.


The Concerned Reader: Really.


TDIA: Yeah I haven’t been this busy in years.  I had hundreds of temps dog-earing and making notes all over drafts of the bailout bill.  The last time congress threw all their leftovers into a bill to bulk it up like that was the PARTIOT Act.  300 pages of add-ins!  Insane!  I was getting calls from congressional aides, interns at all the think tanks.  You know none of the elected suits ever read these things.  Every time there is one of these recycling bin bills filled with every piece of legislation that couldn’t get nailed into some other bill, my business explodes.  So now, to relax, I’m going to paint the shed.  Before you know it, there will be another “Bailout Bill – the Fastest Fix in the West” filled with subsidies for hawk breeders, ammunition import tax breaks and assorted crap, amendments to outlaw spandex bikinis within 400 yards of a place of worship.


The Concerned Reader: Ah I see.  Well, let me know next time you need book-handlers; I could to with the extra cash.  I wonder if Bailout Bill is friends with The Derivative Kid and Joe the Plumber and Lidia the Dental Hygienist, Trevor the Taxidermist, Montague the Mortician, Axel the Database Administator, and all the other “Insert First Name” “Insert Occupation” folk so beloved of the Republican Presidential Campaign these days?