Borja Donosti, Esq: As senior partner of Donosti, Goikochea, Itxibitxi, Spaider and acting Power of Attorney for The Definitive Indefinite Article during its continuing incarceration at the hands of the Department of Untold Conformity it falls to me to continue the content purveyance of this weblog in accordance with the terms of the agreement duly signed and notarized under my seal. 


[Reads] “The Power of Attorney (hereinafter POA) shall endeavor to produce content of an enlightening, topical and educational nature either through independent creation or through the linking to other content on the internet with any commentary necessary for elucidation.  Said content should include both the words “spandex” and “bikini” where possible out of deference to the Spandex bikini-based community who seem to form a substantial part of the readership.”


So, in the spirit of this agreement and in the context of the current preoccupation in the wider media with questions of sexism, I give you this brief civics quiz.  Can you fill in the missing letters in this quotation from Senator John McCain responding to his wife in 1992 when she teased him about his thinning hair?


“At least I don’t pla*ter on the makeup like a trollop, you c*nt.”


You can find the answer and lots of other enlightening McCain info at the link below: