The Definitive Indefinite Article: Finally!  I have never seen such a hungry cat!  Just wanted to take a couple of moments between some last minute training on techniques of lighting unfiltered cigarettes in a high wind while wearing a transparent spandex bikini and watching some of our training school graduates in the medal running in the beach cycling and …


[Sound of key turning in lock screen left]


The Cat-Neglecting Reader: Anyone home?  [Pause.  Silence.]  Oh good.  I have a great recipe to put on the Indefinite Article.


The Definitive Indefinite Article: Come to regurgitate some vapid comments, random links and other people’s opinions on my blog, have you?


The Cat-Neglecting Reader: You frightened the living crap out of me!  What are you doing in here?


The Definitive Indefinite Article: This is my blog.  I gave you the keys to feed the cat, not to antagonize the readership.


The Cat-Neglecting Reader: I, uhm, er, uhm.


The Definitive Indefinite Article: Never mind.  Look I have to go.  I’m needed at the archery drome.  Lock the door when you leave.


The Cat-Neglecting Reader: Are your people winning any medals?


The Definitive Indefinite Article: We are not at liberty to divulge.