Opening for bright persons looking to make the first step into the blogospheric marketing/politics/media nexus.  We are looking for two summer interns to work in our Department of Marketshare Enhancement.  The successful candidates will have proven html abilities, fantastic stamina and a head for numbers.  They will form the action team on our demand-side interactivity creative ….


The Long-suffering Reader:  What kind of crap are you up to this time?


TDIA:  We are looking for interns for our demand-side interactivity creative…


The Long-suffering Reader:  I heard that already.  It sounds like “interspace communications specialist” for someone who holds the door open at the supermarket.  What do you want these poor unfortunates to do?


TDIA: [Sheepishly] Spend the day clocking on all the links in our blog to  get the numbers up so that we can sell banner ads to Monsatano and Exxoil.  We already have the copy prepared: “When you’re freezing and starving to death, you’ll have to come to us.  We own it all now; the fruit, the seeds, the oil, the ehtanol!  We are it!”  Later it can just become “We are it!”  What do you think? 


The Long-suffering Reader:  [Sadly]This is what is has come to?


TDIA:  A blog has to make a living.  It looks like the Bishop of Santander is not going to give us a cut even if we give him a contributor’s credit and put him on the board of The Definitive Indefinite Article Institute for Advancement.  We have to keep going somehow.


The Long-suffering Reader:  Might I suggest some of you get real jobs.


TDIA:  Like yours?  If you hear of any jobs like yours reading blogs all day, let me know.  I could do that.


The Long-suffering Reader:  [Awkward hurt silence]  [Pause]  Ctrl+w


TDIA:  Oops.  There goes 50% of our core demographic.