The following is a paid announcement.  The Definitive Indefinite Article takes no responsibility for the veracity of the following.  All opinions expressed are those of Jai Alai 3Card Monty, LLC.


“One man’s “Crisis” is another man’s opportunity.  Make it yours!”

Jai Alai 3Card Monty is excited to launch its new patented investment fund: The 18/46 CAKE Fund ®.  This unique fund is comprised of our patented sophisticated hunger-backed financial derivatives and is linked not just to world-wide hunger indices and food prices but also to the profits and stock prices of industry giants like Monsanto, Cargill and ADM (the alleged price-fixing entity formerly known as Archer Daniels Midland for anyone with a memory and a need to search for things on the interweb) 


Research has shown that the profits of these giants appear to be linked to hunger.  Their profits are unprecedented and stock prices soaring in a poor market and we have a “food crisis.”  Join the dots and they draw a clear line straight to the New New Economy.  Orders for the 18/46 CAKE Fund ® prospectus may be placed in the comments section below.  We expect this offering to be over-subscribed within the next 24 hours.