Remember you saw it here first!

…We interrupt the saga of Bishops, Cardinals and their insurance-related mendacity to bring you this news flash…


We have received news from a colleague at The Indefinite Particle particle accelerator that the US Republican vice presidential candidate could be Condoleezza Rice.


The current working hypothesis is that the verbiage, innuendo and prevarication from a stray television filtered into the accelerator’s core where it created a temporary Rovian Klösterfuch Field.  Once the right amount of idle speculation and empty analysis entered the field, the basic elements of unprecedented candidacy were transmogrified into a combinatory binary candidacy flux. 


The Patient Reader:  Wait!  Wait!  I was with you up to there.  Now you’ve lost me.


TDIA:  In lay man’s terms: why fret about whether to you are better positioned to run against the African-American man or the woman?  Get yourself an African-American woman on the ticket. 


The Patient Reader:  Seems plausible.  Has this been confirmed in any way?


TDIA:  We were unable to reach anyone for comment at the Rovian Klösterfuch Institute for Advanced Hegemony though we did speak to an anonymous State Department employee who said he knew nothing of Ms. Rice’s plans for the future but had heard of John McCain.


The Patient Reader:  This is most informative.  I must leave you now to visit my turf accountant.


TDIA:  Your what?


The Patient Reader:  My bookie.


TDIA:  Ah!  Good luck with that.