There comes a time in the life of every blog when the veneer of glibness must be drawn aside to allow some salutory change of tone. To wit we give over this post to El Ilustrisimo Cardenal Mendoza direct from the Archdiocese of Jerez.

Cardinal Mendoza: I thank The Definitive Inefinte Article for ceding unto me this space. Under instuctions from the Collage of Cardinals, a somewhat less formal arrangement than the more rigorous College of Cardinals, I come to bring to an end the fractious and frankly undignified fracas that has been taking place in these pages recently.

The Bishops of Burgos, Santander and Avila have lately appeared in the comments section of this vehicle purporting to be purveyors discount-rate insurance products for home, life and automobile. This is a sorry misrepesentation of their roles. They are in no position to offer any of these products; neither under the aegis of the church nor any other stray aegis.  They will all be broken to deacons by the week’s end.

Only Cardenal Mendoza can offer truly comprehensive discounted home, life and automobile insurance as approved by the Treaty of Nantes, The Council of Trent,  and the Association of Ecclesiastical Pueveyance.  Get a free quote now:

Sic transit vita, vehiculum et casa non insuritantibus.