There has been some discussion of late in the meeja of torture, torture memos, extraordinary rendition etc.  Not a lot of discussion as the meeja seemed morbidly fixated on watching the U.S. democratic presidential candidates locked in the very public “I AM GODLIER AND MORE ORDINARY AND MORE AVERAGE THAN THOU” dance of death.  However, almost no attention was paid to this revelatory statement from Juan Ramon Murillo of the Office of Aesthetic Standards at the Department of Ethical Opacity in Miami:


 “While much of the dialectic surrounding Guantánamo Bay’s detention facility has focused on its moral, legal and political facets we at the OAS firmly believe that the true significance (we will for obvious reasons eschew the term ‘meaning’) of Guantánamo lies in its referentiality when taken as a site-specific installation in the tradition of Markus Meinhof, Theodore Wassail and Wolfgang Baader-Goltz and their performance installations (or Leistunghappenings) of the late 70’s.  Many of these were mistaken at the time for plane hijackings.  Much of the confusion arose from the involvement of unwitting bystanders in these leistunghappenings.  The time has come for a re-evaluation reinterpretation of Guantanamo in this tradition.



Department of Market Jockeying:  We interrupt this post to insert some gratuitous viewership-driving words: pope, popemobile, win millions, free, hot, Hilton, blowjob.

 “When viewed as a Leistunghappening, Guantánamo reveals its true layered essence.  It is not the shameful legal, moral and ethical embarrassment that so many would call it.  It is instead a post-post-post-modern indictment of the Cuban government.  In order to highlight our distaste for the human rights abuses of the Cuban regime, we felt compelled to stage our own human rights abuses on Cuban soil that we seized militarily under dubious pretexts a long time ago.  The Po-Po-Po-Mo irony of the location is intentional.  By going to Cuba and miring ourselves in human rights abuses, we highlight Cuba’s own human rights record.  Further when we fulminate against Cuba  we expose ourselves to charges of hypocrisy and double standards to show our commitment to human rights.  We hope this clarifies the real intent of the Guantánamo Bay Leistunghappening.”















The Sleep-Deprived Reader:  NOW it all makes sense!