Many are clearly overjoyed that Silvio Berlusconi looks poised to win the Italian elections.  However, those who have follow the quantum trials and tribulations of Rafaella Marconi will be saddened to learn that an interstitial singularity flux at The Indefinite Particle has caused  Ms. Marconi to slip through the Melborn Planck vortex and definitively out of existence. 



While we cannot but be relieved that we are spared the trouble of the law suit against us for Ms. Marconi’s back taxes, we will contain both our grief and our relief and limit ourselves to conveying our condolences to Ms. Marconi’s La Forza party (The Force, incorporating The Rightest, The People’s Front For Popular People, The Alliance for Allied Right Wing Parties, The Ultra Centrist Populist Party, The Freedon Phalange and the Vertical Hold Party) and wishing that this singularity accident had taken ¿Y Qué? Magazine with it.