It has come to our attention that many are seeking the secret of immorta…


The Astute Reader:  Hang on a second!  What this “The Definitive Indefinite Article” stuff?  Where’d Definitive come from?  Why the name change?


TDIA:  We received a “notice to take down” and had to change it.


The Astute Reader:  From whom?


TDIA:  The Indefinite Particle.


The Astute Reader:  And that would be….?


TDIA:  Apparently some kind of super secret particle accelerator even bigger than the CERN particle accelerator. 


The Astute Reader:  The one that people think might make mini black holes and suck the world into oblivion? 


TDIA:  Yes.  People think that about CERN but The Indefinite Particle has in fact threatened to make a black hole unless we change our name.  They are getting too many of our readers on their website.  On advice from Donosti, Goikochea, Itxibitxi, Spaider LLC we have decided to comply.


The Astute Reader:  Do you think they would really make a black hole?


TDIA:  Apparently they already have.


The Astute Reader:  They what?!?!


TDIA:  Remember Rafaella Marconi?


The Astute Reader:  The celebrity fascist who may or may not exist?


TDIA:  That’s the one.  Well, Donosti, Goikochea, Itxibitxi, Spaider have discovered that her existence is in fact a strangelet-related liminal existence phenomenon created by The Indefinite Particle.  The Indefinite Particle rammed her alleged existence through a tiny black hole and into a singularity field and now she keeps coming in and out of existence as a quantum celebrity fascist.


The Astute Reader:  It would seem The Indefinite Particle is not an entity to be trifled with.


TDIA:  It is not.


The Astute Reader:  So what were you saying about the secret of immortality.


TDIA:  Oh yes, we have recently discovered a….


The Astute Reader:  Oh wait.  Have to go!  Here’s me boss!


TDIA:  Remind me to tell you the secret of immortality next time you come in!