The Indefinite Article wishes to make two seemingly unrelated announcements and then disclose how those announcements are in fact connected.


Announcement the First

The Indefinite Article has retained the services of Donosti, Goikochea, Itxibitxi, Spaider LLC, a firm specializing in Pyrenean and Tans-Alpine existential anomalies since The Second Punic War, to investigate the convoluted origins and alleged life of Rafaella Marconi and the pending lawsuits pertaining thereto.


Announcement the Second

The Indefinite Article is now in a position to provide free of charge TOTALLY LEGALLY, this recently discovered, authenticated, purchased and remastered recording of the elusive and self-effacing Irish tenor, Feargal Macken.  Simply leave us a message in the comments section and this recording will arrive via email tastefully and discreetly wrapped in brown paper.  Satisfaction guaranteed!  (Our Department of Market Jockeying assures us that phrases like that and “Free winds in Paris blow on Mr. Hilton and his job” assure a steady flow of discerning clientele)


Surprising Connection Between the Foregoing Announcements

In 1998 Feargal Macken’s cousin Seamus was teaching English in a language school in Bilbao.  Among his students was an ambitious young law student Iñaki Goikochea.  In November of that year Feargal Macken visited his cousin and at a party hosted by Goikochea, Feargal, having consumed large quantities of Patxaran allowed this recording of Non buttare tua nonna del bus to be made and signed over all rights in perpetuity to Goikochea.  Learning of our interest in Macken, Goikochea offered this recording to The Indefinite Article.  Despite Macken’s extreme inebriation at the time, we believe that this recording does justice to one of Ireland’s least-known singers.


End of Post