Devoted followers of The Indefinite Article (The Wall Street Journale recently dubbed them Articulists) will have noticed that on April 2 one of the contenders in our Celebrity Fascist Quiz was a certain Rafaella Marconi, former ice skater and member of the right-wing secessionist party “The Force.” 


 She, plausible as she may have seemed in the company she was keeping, did not at that time exist in any commonly-accepted sense of the word.


At that point Ms. Marconi was, what is technically termed by The Indefinite Article, a “person en posse.”  Her existence had been alleged on the interweb and thus in some ways could be said to exist as a potentiality in so far as people may have believed she existed, something of a faith-based entity.


Imagine our consternation when, two days later Jordi Pujol Samaranch, himself an Indefinite Article person en posse, provided us with a spotting of Ms. Marconi in ¿Y Qué?  Magazine, a “publication en posse” with little objectively confirmed existence outside the confines of The Indefinite Article.  The mind, if such a term may be used, boggled.


The remarkable upshot if this is that The Indefinite Article is now:


  • Being sued by in ¿Y Qué? Magazine, a publication that may or may not exist;
  • Paying salary and retainer to Jordi Pujol Samaranch, who may or may not exist;
  • Being sued for back taxes that may or may not be owed by Rafaella Marconi, who herself may or may not exist.

Updates, as they come into and go out of existence, will be forthcoming once we have brought into liminal existence appropriate legal counsel to tackle this unusual set of circumstances.


The Puzzled Reader:  What about Soledad Silvestre Canovas-De Burgos and Marisol Thyssen Furstenburg De Larche who commented on the April 4 posting? Does this put their existence into question?

TIA:  We appreciate your close reading but I’m afraid we are unable to answer that question until we have consulted our legal and philosophical counsel.