The Department of Intrusive Customer Service here at the Indefinite Article recently provided me with their analysis our the readership which I would like to share here with same. Our readership they find is highly educated, urbane, sophisticated, interested in the broader world, of above average intelligence and mostly visiting The Indefinite Article ON THEIR EMPLOYERS’ TIME.

The Interjecting Reader: Hang on a second! That’s not true!

TIA: Is it not?

The Interjecting Reader: Well, not entirely. It’s Saturday and I’m in here aren’t I?

TIA: For all I know you might work a weekend shift.

The Interjecting Reader: For all you know I might.

TIA: Do you?

The Interjecting Reader: Sometimes. But I still come in here on my days off!

TIA: I see. That is very warming and encouraging.

The Interjecting Reader: Glad to be of help. But I have to run. Here’s me boss!

[Loud groan of recognition from the cheap seats in the balcony]