Last night I had a telephone call from my man at Jai, Alai, Threecard-Monty LLC.  For continuity’s sake I continue to refer to him thus even though he is no longer at the firm.  And that brings me to the phone call.  He called me from somewhere beside the sea from what he referred to as his “disposable phone” to let me know he would not be handling my financial affairs anymore.  When pressed, he told me he had retired.  When further pressed, he elaborated: 

“This is how it is, see?  Monday the Feds pump a huge wad of cash into the system.  Tuesday the Dow Jones goes up 400 points cos everyone is feeling confident.  Wednesday all the people like me dump every stock they have, take their winnings and leave the table.  The Dow Jones drops 300 points and a chunk of the Feds’ money is now safely in my pocket and going nowhere near Wall Street again for a very long time.  Money doesn’t just evaporate, it goes somewhere, you just need to know where.” 

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