I received this letter from the legal representatives of Feargal Macken via motorcycle messenger yesterday evening.

 Holden, Slippinger & Mertz 

Re: Che Iluminati botini or Shine Up Your Buttons


We are counsel to Feargal Macken.  Mr. Macken is a respected performer whose reputation to date has depended on the purity of his art.  Mr. Macken, as you know, has eschewed all forms of electronic recording, both analog and digital.  We have been instructed by Mr. Macken to take all appropriate steps to ensure that all further dismenation and distribution of his work is discontinued and the original source recording destroyed within ten (diez) (dix) (10) (X) (5+5) days of this notice.  We anticipate and fully expect your cooperation in this matter. 

I can only surmise that Mssrs. Holden, Slippinger & Mertz charge extra for any non-English terms used in their correspondence.  In the meantime I will continue to make this rare recording available to all patrons of The Indefinite Article who may wish to receive it via electric mail.