I imagine few of you have heard of and fewer still actually heard the reclusive and mysterious Irish tenor Feargal Macken.  This enigmatic young man, who refuses to make any electronic recordings, appears unannounced in rare staged operas and gives impromptu recitals in unconventional venues, turned up last night at a delightful Patrick’s Day gathering at the place of employ of an acquaintance of mine who is somehow connected with the Irish Consulate in New York. 

Entranced though I was, I did manage to send a recording off to my answering machine before being detected and ejected.  They threw my broken cell phone down the steps after me so were kind to me according to their god.  The indignity, the injury and the damage to personal property notwithstanding, I am in the wonderful position to offer for the first time ever on the whorled wide web, a scratchy but unique opportunity to hear this most hermit-like of the Irish tenors and ballad singers that swarm the airwaves in a rendition of Che Iluminati botini or Shine Up Your Buttons from Rossini’s little-known Il Cloaca.  Given the exclusive nature of this recording, I will not be posting it but will gladly forward a personal copy to any of The Indefinite Article’s patrons who care to request it via the comments.