Saturday was a rest day for the athletes from the country that insists on continuing to remain nameless and the Provisional Ancient Order of Hibernians, Cuffe St.  Ironically they chose to spend it in our secret facility drinking, smoking and playing pool, which is pretty much how they had spent the two previous days. 

On Sunday evening we bid farewell to our Hibernian friends from Cuffe Street and poured them onto an airplane bound for New York to put all they had learned into practice on the streets of that fair city.   I returned to New York myself on a later plane having left our originless athletes in the capable hands of Indefinite Article Operatives Meyers and Harrison.   I cannot ever divulge the identity of these athletes but when you see them in Beijing, you will know them by their nocotine stained fingers and their superlative performances.

Speaking 0f superlative performances, I was delighted to hear that in all will be well with “the market.”  Forget about shaky mortgage-backed securities, Bear Stearns getting bought for $2 a share, the Fed cutting the interest rate again.  The Green market is open for business!  The what?  You can now buy and sell Carbon Emission futures.  You can what?  These fantastically complicated financial instruments are the next new shiny thing.  In essence they are bets on how much it will cost enterprises to pollute in Europe in the future.  These bets can be bought and sold.  How could it possibly go wrong?  I will be contacting my bookie, sorry  I’ll read that again, investment consultant at Jai, Alai, Threecard-Monty LLC , immediately.  For a small electric remittance via the comments section, I will pass on his closely-guarded contact information.