I was waiting for a special moment to rev this blog up but here goes anyway…

So the big news is Eliot Spitzer allegedly porked an allegedly expensive alleged escort?  We are treated to close ups of hotel room doors and inventory of the furnture in the suite.  This is bread and circuses.   This is AMERICA’S NEXT EASY NEWS STORY.  This is what keeps TV news at the constant level of amateur hour.   This is the sort of crap that allows the likes of Wolf Blitzer to continually pretend to be journalists.  Of course Spitzer will probably have to resign, his brain caught in his zipper and his wife standing by him in that all too familiar meeja dumbshow of political spousal solidarity.  Want to talk about real meretriciousness and screwing around and people who WON’T have to resign or get impeached?  Read on

Bush just vetoed a bill that would outlaw torture and Attorney General Mukasey ( who himself is not sure what torture is – thanks for voting for him Chuck Schumer!) tells congress to go screw itself because he will not enforce contempt proceedings against Harriet Miers, Josh Bolten, and Karl Rove.  The White House and all associated with it are above the law and beyond the reach of Congress.  This pustule of immunity is the foul spawn of what happens when Karl Rove is left alone in a hotel room with the constitution.  Now that’s seriously screwed up.

Take a whirl on the petition below if that helps.  http://www.democraticmajority.com/torturepetition